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White Chocolate Peanut Butter

(50 customer reviews)

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Dessert Like Taste – GUARANTEED!

    Belgian Chocolate Peanut Butter

    NET WT: 400g per pack

    Est. Delivery :  2-3 days for Delhi NCR and 4-6 business days for Rest of India.

    Once you place the order, we provide shipment tracking updates at every step. For any queries, please WhatsApp 83683 51228.

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    Honest Nutrition

    Check the nutrition label accuracy
    Abhishek Peanut Butter

    Why FitFeast Peanut Butter

    Let’s face it, we love junk. A typical “healthy dessert” contains unhealthy oils and a lot of refined sugar which can cause an insulin spike and derail our health. FitFeast White Chocolate Peanut Butter supports :

    Sugar cravings – same delicious taste as chocolate spreads, we bet you on this

    Protein intake – 20g protein per 100g

    Overall health – contains eucalyptus honey and high quality ingredients

    Why FitFeast Peanut Butter

    Let’s face it, we love junk. A typical “healthy dessert” contains unhealthy oils and a lot of sugar which can cause an insulin spike and derail our health. FitFeast White Chocolate Peanut Butter supports :

    Sugar cravings – same delicious taste as chocolate spreads, we bet you on this

    Protein intake – 20g protein per 100g

    Overall health – contains eucalyptus honey and high quality ingredients

    Abhishek Peanut Butter
    Abhishek Peanut Butter

    Delicious Protein Snack – on the go

    Whether it is fulfilling your protein requirements post-workout, late-night cravings, or long office calls – a healthy snack doesn’t get tastier.

    Level up your health and fitness game today by switching to FitFeast! Try it once and we bet you’ll be obsessed forever.

    — Natural Peanut Butter Key Ingredients —

    Ingredient - peanuts

    Roasted Peanuts

    Raw and Highest Quality

    Ingredient - white chocolate

    White Chocolate

    Imported from USA, highest quality

    Eucalyptus Honey

    Purity Verified

    Our Peanut Butter does not contain :

    Refined Sugar, Hydrogenated Oils, Trans Fat

    Science-Backed Benefits of Eucalyptus Honey

    Improves Heart Health

    Improves Sleep


    Loved by 10,000+ already ❤️

    From fitness freaks to kids, everyone is going nuts over this jar full of peanuts!

    Haven’t had peanut butter tastier than this in my life.


    Verified Buyer

    Amazing stuff, no refined sugar but pure honey.

    Dr. Saba

    Fitness Influencer/Doctor

    Yummy..this white chocolate flavour is just magic!

    9 yo Sam

    Cute and talented 9 yo boy


    What is FitFeast?

    We craft delicious snacking experiences which are high in protein and healthy and deliver them right to your doorstep.

    Tell me more about white chocolate flavour.

    White chocolate is a one-of-a-kind flavour of peanut butter that is crafted with two things in mind – health and taste. We use the highest quality White Chocolate Compound and independently ascertain the purity before using it in our recipe.

    How do you ascertain the purity of honey?

    We use raw eucalyptus honey(with numerous health benefits) coming from the finest sources and conduct in-house tests(in FDA approved lab) to ensure the purity before using it in our recipe

    How can I trust a new brand?

    We believe that trust is earned when actions meet words. Well for a start, here’s the lab test report of our peanut butter. Feel free to check the label accuracy for yourself. 

    Who can have peanut butter and when?

    Good news – almost anyone and everyone! The sad part is that India is a protein deficient country. We aim to end the serious problem of protein deficiency in India. Whether you’re a serious gym freak, trying to replace late night cravings or just looking for a healthy snack during those never ending office calls – FitFeast is here to your rescue.

    Is there added sugar?

    We do not use refined sugar as an ingredient.

    The White Chocolate contains some raw sugar. Hence as per the nutrition label, there is 6.59g (per 100g) of unprocessed sugar coming from White Chocolate and the rest of the sugar from honey.

    We have kept the balance of taste and health in mind while designing this recipe. You can be assured that you can have this peanut butter daily as a healthier alternative to other flavoured spreads.

    Is it suitable for vegans?

    Our peanut butter is not vegan since we use White Chocolate.

    What happens if I am not satisfied with the product?

    In the unlikely scenario, we are happy to offer you a full refund in accordance with our refund policy. Please email us at and you will receive a reply.

    How are the orders shipped and delivery time?

    Orders are delivered using leading shipping services provided by Nimbus Post and Shiprocket. Est. Delivery : 1-2 days for Delhi NCR and 3-5 days for Rest of India.

    How do I track my order?

    You will receive regular updates on phone no. entered during checkout. For any queries, feel free to  whatsapp 8368351223. You can be assured that your snacks will be delivered safe and fast.

    50 reviews for White Chocolate Peanut Butter

    1. Amit Kumar

      had it just now..tastiest peanut butter i’ve had in my life. period. ordered 2 more jars already

    2. Anshu Choudhary

      Extreme dessert like taste as they say. Good product!

    3. Vasudev

      Healthy benefits and taste both are nice and enough for me to already order more. Highly recommended!

    4. Sanjana Mehta

      Delivered today to my place. The packaging is freaking amazing..even the outer box is so solid. And jar looks premium with shiny alumium cap. Best part – they use sustainable and reusable packaging!

    5. Zaid Khan

      Pros : Great packaging, great taste, awesome health benefits
      Cons : hard to resist. finished a jar already in two days

    6. Devika Kalra

      bit expensive but 100% worth it. just try it once. amazing quality of BOTH PRODUCT and PACKAGING!!

    7. Sylvester

      Awesome product at good price. Single ingredient is white chocolate which takes this product to another level.



    9. Praveen

      amazing yummy delicious..try it once highly recommend!!

    10. Neha Poddar

      pure simialr product in the market. magnificent stuff!

    11. Pranay Joshi

      Really loved the truth of ingredients which makes this peanut butter unique. Got to know that this is manufactured in an FDA approved facility which is just amazing in terms of quality!

    12. Satyam Tuteja

      Eat one spoon, couldn’t stop eating and ate 10 in a row!!

    13. kayva

      Short version
      – amazing taste, loved it
      – can be used in smooties, have it after meal. amazing stuff

    14. kartikjain

      I really got addicted with this product ..
      its delicious !!!

    15. garima mangal

      To be honest, product is awesome, I have already used almost all peanut butter but this product is awesome because you can see the real peanut on it and taste is awesome.

    16. sagar mishra

      bestttt taste!!!!!

    17. mahima

      If you are fitness conscious then I suggest you to buy . its awesome

    18. Bhargav mittal

      So being a fitness freak i was looking for a perfect and original peanut butter butter to have it on my meals I wanted perfect amount and protein and taste and i must say it is perfect in taste please try this white chocolate flavour and you will be in love with this.

    19. meena

      For all those who are purchasing this the first time, kindly read this review. absolutely recommended . a 100% amazing product

    20. rohit sagar

      Peanut butter has been part of my everyday diet, and this one’s the best natural one I’ve had so far.

    21. Mitali saxena

      Overall a very good product, and I really hope this quality is maintained in the future.

    22. sakshi

      Rich in protein makes it even more desirable. yummy item

    23. gulshan

      its best protein one can have in their daily life . best thing of the day

    24. pawan gill

      The product jar is very beautiful
      I have already consumed half of the jar and looking forward to reorder.

    25. payal

      The best product for the people who are really conscious about their health. 👌👌

    26. kapil rathore

      Best peanut butter till now its perfect spread for my daily breakfast !!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Denny

      This is magic..hated peanut butter before this. Imm speechless by this taste

      Image #1 from Denny
    28. Mahima agarwal

      Super quality peanut butter

    29. roshan

      Ultimate taste…..

    30. Chetan gupta

      This is one of the best peanut butter I ever had.

    31. aashi

      if you are looking for the all natural kind peanut butter , this ones for you!

    32. deepika kumar

      100% satisfied . Must try atleast once

    33. Sumit Chogule

      good one..ordering again pack of 4 best value

    34. chikla kishore

      recommend it. taste like ice cream!!!

    35. adeelrather


    36. adeel rather

      Good product

    37. MODALA ARAVIND BABU (verified owner)

      This is the best peanut butter I’ve ever tasted!!!

    38. Aditya Sharma

      one of the peanut butter money can buy. go for it. milkybar taste

    39. Janvi (verified owner)

      This Peanut butter is by far the best one I had. It’s truly amazing in taste and feels like I’m having a dessert, and the fact that it’s made with pure honey and 0 added sugar is a cherry on top. Ordered my second container today and not going to have enough of this one anytime soon. Go for it people, it will definitely fulfill your sweet cravings.

    40. Viraj (verified owner)

      Guys this white chocolate pesnut butter is simply amazing.
      No doubt the best peanut butter out there.
      Already finished half of it in like 3 days

    41. Pranay (verified owner)

      Can’t fathom peanut butter can taste like this. Amazing stuff and lab tested as well

    42. Rajan Singh (verified purchase)

      very tasty

    43. Shubham Godse (verified owner)

      Slightly better than regular flavor, doesn’t taste like desert or white chocolate as they say

    44. Aishwarya (verified owner)

      I really loved the taste as well as the quality❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ yummy

    45. Teena Chugh (verified owner)

      One of the best peanut butter in market with no added oils or any other kind of artificial ingrediants I really love it’s taste. If you are looking for some healthy snack i highly suggested go with fitfeasts white chocloate peanut butter

    46. Deepak (verified owner)

      Man I loved this white Chocolate one so good 👍👍👍

    47. Parth (verified owner)

      Must buy White Chocolate one

    48. Nhetan Acharya

      Hands Down !!!… This has been the Best peanut Butter of All Time.

      Ordered all 3 flavours
      White chocolate 4.9/5
      Belgian chocolate 4.5/5
      Cookie fudge 4.6/5

      These are my preference and ratings.
      It was delivered early morning and it gave me a good satiety feel for 5 to 5 hours.

      I have considered buying a single flavour very soon

    49. Pratik Shinde (verified owner)

      Didn’t like product not good in taste I bought white chocolate

    50. Krrish Saraf (verified owner)

      Time for review… I loved it seriously this peanut butter taste better than every peanut butter that I had ever tried , it taste 50% like milkybar chocolate. Thank you fitfeast,

      I will for sure purchase others flavours as well.

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