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When Aditya Poddar went from 90 to 70kg in a year, he realised fitness is not about keto diets, abs or biceps – it’s about being sustainable and making small changes in your lifestyle that favour your body and health. Crash diets, having 20 boiled eggs or pushing your limits in the gym every day is likely you leave burned-out – especially if you have other goals in life besides fitness, which most of us do. Replacing your pizza with a whole wheat roti or your chocolate spread with peanut butter are steps in the right direction. FitFeast was born with this fundamental principle of consistent fitness. We have a straightforward mission –to provide protein-rich snacks that strike the correct balance of health and taste.

Whether in regards to fitness or life, we strive to build the FitFeast community- a group of like-minded people willing to improve themselves every day. We are firm believers of the 1% rule – if we can become 1% better every day, we will end up 37% better by the end of the year. Nutritious food is our means to achieve this betterment. 3 in every 4 urban Indians are Protein deficient, and the importance of quality nutrition is generally neglected in Indian households. We want to change this through our products and community.

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Snacks that satisfy your cravings without leaving you asking for more. Snacks that you can have seven days a week and still be able to follow your diet.