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Tips that can help you snack and still be fit

by | Mar 7, 2022 | General | 0 comments

Snacking is a common practice among most of us. Many of us are completely unconcerned about it. You’ll eat something during the day while working or studying, and you won’t notice the nutrition label or what it is. It’s only a reaction to the fact that you’re hungry. Snacking isn’t always a terrible habit, but it does depend on what you munch on. Despite the negative connotations that surround snacks and snacking, it has the potential to be a healthy part of one’s diet. A shocking statistic for all Indians reading this is that 77 million people in India have diabetes or sugar-related ailments. So, if you’re in a room with nine other people, there’s a good probability that six of them fall into that category. When you think about it, that’s an insane number. However, we do feel that we have the most diverse selection of sweets available. Every sweet you can find on the streets of India, from Jalebis to Gulab Jamuns, is as sugary as it gets. The key thing is to figure out how to regulate it. Or, to put it another way, how to maintain a healthy level of control over the snacking urge that most of us experience. This is where the necessity of selecting the appropriate snacks comes into play. Here’re some tips to help you up your snacking game :

1) If you need a snack, go for foods that are higher in nutrients and keep you fuller for longer, such as nuts and seeds, or add some fruits to your yoghurt bowl to satisfy your hunger.

2)  If you’re looking for a high-protein snack, hard-boiled eggs, boiling chickpeas, or grilled cottage cheese should be on your list. 

3) Eggs not your thing? Then thank goodness we now live in a world where healthy dips and sauces with little sugars are readily available. So go ahead and try out different combinations until you find the one that works best for you. 

4) Drink some water first if you feel like munching. Many times, your body is truly thirsty but is indicating that it needs to eat. You end up mistaking hunger with thirst. Try it, and you’ll be as surprised as we were. Drinking a full glass of water each day will increase your daily water consumption and help you regulate snacking.

5) Planning your meals first early in the morning should also assist a lot. Have a variety of healthy snack alternatives on hand for the day. You’ll have all of your favourite munchies, as well as healthful foods, right at your fingertips. Prepare some vegetables and dips for the day if you prefer salty foods. If you enjoy sweets, keep a fruit basket close at hand.

6) Our profe were crafted with the goal of assisting you in your snacking habits. So, if you already eat our snacks, thank you, and if you don’t, go ahead and give it a shot; it should help you establish a healthy, long-term lifestyle.


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