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Peanut butter

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It is common knowledge that peanuts contain nutrients that contribute to heart health and blood sugar control. Peanut butter can either help people lose weight or gain weight during weight training or bodybuilding, depending on how they use it in their diet.

Health benefits of peanut butter

When used in moderation and as part of a healthy diet, peanut butter may have the following advantages:

1. Weight loss

Having peanuts and other nuts can help people maintain their weight or even lose weight. This is because peanuts increase satiety or the sense of being full. Furthermore, Peanut Butter contains high protein, healthy fats and fibre content.

2. Boosting heart health

Peanut Butter contains healthy fats such as the following:

● Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs)

● Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs)

● Niacin

● Magnesium

● Vitamin E

3. ) Bodybuilding

For a variety of reasons, many bodybuilders and fitness fanatics use peanut butter in their diets. Because whole-grain bread contains the amino acid methionine, which peanut butter lacks, spreading peanut butter over whole-grain bread creates a more complete protein diet.

4. Reducing the risk of breast disease

Peanut butter consumption, especially among young women, may decrease the risk of benign breast disease (BBD), which is linked to breast cancer.

Which peanut butter is the best?

Let’s face it – there are tons of peanut butter available in the market. We do not demean other brands, but we believe FitFeast White Chocolate Peanut Butter is among the very few that strike the perfect balance of health and taste. It is sweetened with pure honey and contains no added sugar. It is also FSSAI and FDA approved.

In short, It is one of the fastest selling items in the market due to its unique flavour and health benefits. Here are some of its advantages:

● Satisfy your sugar needs and won’t let the insulin levels spike.

● 20g of protein per 100g.

● It contains eucalyptus honey and high-quality ingredients.

● Does not contain any trans fats

A nutritious snack doesn’t get any tastier than this, whether it’s for post-workout protein, late-night cravings, or extended office calls.

Switch to FitFeast today to enhance your health and fitness game! We bet that once you try it, you’ll be hooked for life.

Fit Feast Peanut Butter Nutrition Label:

Energy- 617.3Kcal per 100 g

Protein- 20.32g per 100 g

Carbohydrates-31.85g per 100 g

Fibre- 5.51g per 100 g

Total Sugar-15.32g per 100 g 

Added Sugar- 0g per 100 g

Total Fat- 45.45g per 100 g

Saturated Fat- 15.62g per 100 g

PUFA-8.13 g per 100 g

MUFA- 21.69g per 100 g

Trans Fat- 0g per 100 g

Cholesterol-0 mg per 100 g

Sodium- 13mg per 100 g

Roasted Peanuts

White Chocolate

Eucalyptus Honey

The Speciality of Our Peanut Butter- 

It does not contain :

Added Sugar, Hydrogenated Oils, Trans Fat

It contains pure eucalyptus honey and high-quality roasted peanuts.


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